10 Simple Fat Loss Tips

by James Kerrison on December 28, 2010

1. Stop drinking calories. A very quick way to decrease your calories and sugar consumption is to only drink water, tea and the occasional coffee. Ditch the sodas and fruit juice and you will see results very quickly.

2. Eat for nutrients not calories. Try and maximise the nutrients you get from your foods and you will have more energy and feel fuller for longer. Stick to vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins to get your fill here.

3. Shop the outside aisles. For the most part you want to avoid going down the aisles at your supermarket. You will be able to get all of your veggies, fruit and other fresh produce on the outside of the store.

4. Snack on nuts. Everyone gets cravings for snacks or that 3 o’clock sugar hit. Keep a mix of raw nuts on hand and snack on those with a cup or two of your favorite green tea and you’ll find the cravings are gone.

5. Limit the damage. When it comes to special events and holidays you want to try and stay on track but if you can’t then it isn’t the end of the world. Enjoy yourself but then get back onto the straight and narrow as soon as possible.

6. Lean protein with every meal. Add some eggs or yogurt to your breakfast, chicken or tuna to your lunch and some lean beef, turkey or fish for dinner.

7. Keep a food journal. This will make you more accountable and even change what you would normally eat. If you eat it, it goes in the journal and you won’t want to read about all of the junk food you have been eating!

8. Have a post workout shake. Get the recovery process started straight away by having a protein and carbohydrate drink straight after your workout. This will mean you can train harder sooner and will speed up your progress.

9. Eat less food, without compromising your recovery.  and give intermittent fasting a try.

10. Eat your fats. There are plenty of good fats that you should be eating and you shouldn’t be afraid of eating them. Get them from olive oils, avocados and a variety of nuts.

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