10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Eating Habits

by James Kerrison on June 2, 2009

Ok plain and simple today. Here’s 10 surefire ways to improve your eating, diet, nutrition or whatever else you want to call it.
That is 10 things to do when you aren’t fasting!

1. Reduce your intake of processed carbohydrates. This is pretty much anything that’s in a bag, box or can.
2. Which means…Eat more green vegetables. No interpretation necessary.
3. Same goes for berries. Eat more berries, frozen are fine (and cheaper)
4. Get more Omega 3’s. Get a supplement if you need to as well as eating more fish (especially salmon)
5. Drink more green tea. I tried three new ones on the weekend. Like two. Not a bad strike rate!
6. Set goals. Dax Moy is the king of getting stuff done!
7. Drink less juice, soft drink and alcohol. See point 5.
8. Don’t add sugar to your tea of coffee. Actually, don’t add it to anything!! It will just make you fatter.
9. Make small changes and keep to them. If you improve one thing every week and stick to it think of how much better you will be in 6,12,24 weeks.
10. Think long term and be consistent. See point 9. You don’t need to change everything at once. Make sustainable and consistent change.

Let me know if there’s something you would add to the list. Your number one way to instantly improve your eating.

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