10 Ways To Save Time On Your Workouts

by James Kerrison on July 12, 2011

Guest Post by Craig Ballantyne


If you need to spend less time working out, and still get the same great results, then I have great news for you.

Here’s 10 ways to make your workouts a bit shorter, saving you precious time.

Change #1 – Only do 1 set instead of 3 sets

Researchers in Japan discovered that while men get more results doing 3 sets per exercise, the results were not in proportion to the extra effort.

The 3 set workouts resulted in a 13% increase in muscle growth and 32% increase in strength. Compare this to the single set workouts of  8% and 20% increases respectively.

So if you’ve only got time for 1 set, you’ll still be getting more than 60% of the results as you would with 3 sets.

Change #2 – Shorten your workouts by dropping the extra exercises

The September 2010 TT Meatheads 4×4 uses only four exercises per workout. For a lot of people this won’t sound like enough, but  it is still a great way of helping you build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

I think it’s so effective (and the best option for time poor people) that I’m working on a new program with John “Roman” Romaniello called, “TT Clash of the Super Villains” that follows this 4 exercises per workout method.

You can get both of these workouts in the Ultimate TT Workout Deal available this week only here.

Change #3 – Stay with Multi-Muscle (Compound) Exercises for Your Hot Zones

Back in 2004, while I was training a heap of clients and athletes each week, I developed my “Hot Zone Metabolism” theory.

Many clients would be running late with and only have 25-35 minutes to train, so we had to quickly work as much muscle as possible. That resulted in me getting the 4 most metabolically active muscle areas of the body worked as quickly and as hard as possible. (Now all of my workouts revolve around working this principle and these areas.)

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In August 2008 I designed a workout dedicated specifically to hitting these Hot Zones with only 4 exercises per workout. You can get that program in the Ultimate Deal at the above link.

Change #4 – Use Giant Sets, Supersets and Circuits style workouts

This is the easiest and most effective change you can make if you’re new to TT and still using traditional bodybuilding straight sets (where you do one exercise then rest before doing that one exercise again).

Get rid of the extra rest and you will dramatically cut your workout time and improve your workout results. The easiest way is to choose 2 non-competing exercises, do them back-to-back without any (or minimal), just like we do in our Turbulence Training programs.

Change #5 – Use Dumbell / Body Weight Fusion workouts in busy gyms

It can be so frustrating trying to do your supersets or circuits in a busy gym. So when you use one of the dumbbell-bodyweight workouts, you’ll have a pair of exercises that you can do without needing more than one piece of equipment. This is great for working out at home as well because you don’t need much equipment and this can easily slash 20-30 minutes off a workout.

Change #6 – Interval Training

Again, for the newbies. If all you have done before is long, slow cardio, you’re not getting the results you deserve for the time you put in. Using interval training, you can save 20-40 minutes and get better results than with your normal sort of cardio.

Change #7 – Bodyweight Intervals For Time

If  you don’t have access to treadmills, bikes, hills, or even ellipticals for interval training, you can use my extremely popular “Timed Bodyweight Intervals” found in programs like “TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks” (Feb. 2009).TT For Buff Dudes Hot Chicks 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Workouts

Change #8 – Switch to  Bodyweight ONLY Exercises

This will cut your commute and could easily save up to an hour per day on your workout by using bodyweight only workouts at home, with TT programs such as:

- The Turbulence Training 6-Month Bodyweight Manual
- TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 (June 2010)
- TT Bootcamps 1.0: 21 Bootcamp Workouts
- TT Bootcamps 2.0: 31 Bootcamp Workouts
- TT Bodyweight Abs 4-Week Bonus No-Equipment Workout
- TT Hotel Room Workouts
- TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding
- TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0

That’s not all of the bodyweight specific programs I’ve created and there’s a new one, the TT Fantastic 400 is due to be released this month. (you’ll get that FREE as part of the Ultimate Deal)

Change #9 – Foam Roll and Stretch between sets

Just because you are trying to save time, doesn’t mean you should cut down the time you spend on your recovery methods such as foam rolling and stretching. The best way to keep them in your routine and still keep your workouts short is to add these in between sets during your rest periods. Now you’ve got no good reason to just sit on a bench and waste time.

Make sure you check out TT Reconstruction from July 2009 that will show you how to incorporate foam rolling and stretching into your workouts to repair your body. It’s what worked for me in overcoming an injury and has kept me training consistently since.

Change #10 – Decrease Time Training  Arms and Abs

Now hold on, I’m not saying to NEVER do exercises for your arms and abs, after all, they are probably the main reason fun and everyone trains (I mean who doesn’t want to have better, sexier arms and abs?) but let’s just limit it to a few sets.

For example, you can use the 6-Minute Abs and 3-Minute Arms programs I created a couple of years ago. Short and effective, getting the job done in less time.  You can get both of these workouts in the TT Ultimate Deal.

With the TT Ultimate Deal, you get access to all of the TT Workouts I’ve created, PLUS you’ll get EVERYTHING for the next 12 months, all at a ridiculously low price.

However, this offer is only available this week here:

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Once you get the deal, drop by the forum and let me know if you have questions picking the right workout for you.

And be on the lookout for these new workouts coming before the end of the summer:Screen shot 2011 07 05 at 2.58.14 PM 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Workouts

1.     August 2011 – TT Abs 2K11
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5.     51 Interval Training Workouts

These will all be available to TT Ultimate Deal Members as soon as I’ve finished them.

Saving you time and getting you faster results,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

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