12 Days Of Christmas

by James Kerrison on December 14, 2010

It’s that time of year and you can probably look around you and see why it is called the silly season!

People go crazy in car parks, shopping centres and you’ll see regular people doing irregular things.

There are parties on offer almost every day, sometimes you’ll get a day with a morning tea, lunch and dinner all loaded with Christmas cheer and of course extra calories.

To keep you on the straight and narrow here’s 12 thoughts that have been scattered somewhere in my head waiting to come out!

  1. Reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet.
  2. Reduce or eliminate processed and refined carbohydrates from your diet.
  3. Eat whole, natural foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, good fats and proteins)
  4. Avoid foods in a bag or a box.
  5. Sugary drinks contain hidden calories (fruit juice, sugar in tea/coffee)
  6. Increase the quality of your food and then look at quantities.
  7. Increase the quality of your training and then look at the quantities.
  8. Interval training beats long, slow cardio every time.
  9. KISS works with everything.
  10. Squat, push, pull, squat, push, pull….
  11. Don’t use a treadmill or elliptical trainer or any other cardio machine until you can skip for 10 minutes straight.
  12. Most machines are a waste of time. Body weight and free weight exercises are far superior.

Makes sense right.

Stay on track over the next few weeks and you won’t be behind the 8 ball coming into the nee year. Does this mean you have to go without?

Of course not.

This time of year is all about celebrations and having fun with friends and family.

Does that mean you have to stuff yourself full four to six times a day and stop exercising?

Of course not.

Balance and everything in moderation will be fine.

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