Citywide Fitness Transformation Contest 2011


what did i want and what did i get?

i wanted to get back into shape, i have struggled with body image and eating all my life…i am like an emotional roller coaster. i had quite a bad few weeks, which actually turned out to be 3 months…i did absolutely nothing. as in i ate and drank whatever i wanted and did no exercise, the world was not a positive place. but things started to get better, as i now know they do,  and i wanted to participate in life again and the 12 week challenge came along at the right time, as they seem to do when needed!

i mostly wanted to get balance in my life between exercising and eating….not to go from one extreme to the other…all or nothing…..i wanted to get fit again and be able to fit back into my clothes….


what i achieved was  beyond what i imagined i could achieve…i decided to have no expectations of my self, just to do it and i did. i reached the best physical shape i have ever been in and proud to be nearly 40 and even better i found inner strength i had lost, i found self belief….the 12 weeks was extremely difficult emotionally and physically,  for me as a lot of it was exercising without the use of my left hand as i had an injury, was learning how to break bad patterns, change my way of thinking, being honest with my self and others…it became a physical and emotional transformation…one that i ultimately won as its not about getting a place or a prize it became about realising the strength i have inside myself and an inner happiness of who i am, strength and pride gained from completing the challenge, achieving the majority of my goals and releasing perfection is not the point, that there is no end but life is a  journey and knowing i have the strength to continue the journey, regardless of detours and bumps….i can achieve anything i set my mind to….


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