Citywide Fitness Transformation Contest 2011


I began the twelve week challenge because i needed the motivation and something to focus on to help me lose the extra kilos i had gained since meeting my boyfriend and becoming ‘comfortable’!

I was determined to lose this weight, so grabbed a copy of the eating plan, bought a blender and started taking one personal training session a week on top of my three sessions of boot camp.

I had a love/hate relationship with the challenge!

Some days I thought why bother, especially when the scales weren’t telling me what i wanted them to, despite great diet and awesome training.

On the other hand my clothes were gradually becoming too big, I was feeling stronger and doing things in PT that i thought were impossible (I think i laughed at the thought of 16kg for 50 swings!), people were telling me how good I was looking with my weight loss and I was feeling happier and healthier.

It was such an amazing experience , hitting all those PBs in personal training and knowing that I could do it! This challenge has taught me a lot, especially that I need to have faith in myself and my ability because anything is possible, no/never/can’t is not an option and having a piece of cake on a coffee date with friends is not the end of the world!

I admit though that I couldn’t have done this without the amazing support and encouragement of James and Racheal, training with all the fabulous Citywide girls and I cannot forget all the fabulous support that I had throughout the challenge from my darling boyfriend JT!

Through all the tantrums, assistance in my resisting temptation and following the eating plan with me, he stuck by me and helped me along the way through to my transformation and where i am today…


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