Citywide Fitness Transformation Contest 2011

My 12 week challenge has been one of many personal achievements, not only physically but also mentally. I have always been one to set high expectations for myself, often unrealistic or unachievable which leads to a feeling of disappointment when I can’t complete the task or perfect something the way I would like to. So naturally I entered the 12 week challenge with high expectations of myself. I wanted to be stronger, leaner, slimmer, toned, healthier and more energetic and as a result of all that… happier. If you asked me if from start to finish if I had achieved what I set out to do, I would say yes! I have succeeded in every one of those expectations. The truth is, I achieved much more than I thought I was capable of. Each week I set higher goals for myself and reached PB’s, even if only by 1 rep or 1 kg. I have finally learnt to focus on every improvement no matter how small it may seem.

However, during the challenge my attitude and emotions towards my accomplishments swayed a lot. Throughout the challenge I watched my diet closely because in my own head if I slipped up once (which by the way I did many times!) I convinced myself that I had just undone weeks of hard work and training. At times I found myself obsessing about the numbers I saw on the scales, often weighing myself multiple times daily just to make sure I was moving forward.  In my mind the numbers were what confirmed my improvements and set them 100% in concrete. Without this confirmation I would tell myself my efforts weren’t good enough and to train harder and eat better. I can now safely say that at the completion of the 12 week challenge not only has my strength and body improved but my mindset and way of thinking. As JK always says “No negative self-talk”, which is often easier said than done, but I have tried hard to take this onboard and if this challenge has taught me anything, it’s that all achievements are great no matter how big or small.

I can now see that focusing on the scales as a measure of success and improvement is absolutely crazy. I have learnt that decreasing numbers are definitely not everything, and not something I should base my progress on. This shift in my way of thinking has in general made me a happier person. It allows me to focus on my actual achievements. Things that I tended to overlook before. I can now confidently say I am stronger, leaner, slimmer, toned, healthier and more energetic. I know I am capable of improving every week, every session. The sky is the limit. I intend to continue setting goals for myself and I know I will achieve them if I try hard. Changing my mindset has taken a lot of effort and definitely is still something I need to work on but I intend to continue working on it.

I am proud of my achievements and am so incredibly impressed with the efforts of all other members at Citywide Fitness. We have all proven that we are capable of amazing things. Everyone should be so happy with their results.

I think that without the amazing training and ongoing encouragement from James I definitely would not have achieved what I have. You have shown me I am capable of lifting weights I never thought possible. Having strength I never thought I could, being fitter and leaner than I ever have before, and thinking more positively about accomplishments. I feel that I have improved on many levels. So thank you James! The 12 week challenge has been an incredible challenge and experience; I have enjoyed it more than I can say. It’s been great having something to work towards. The challenge now is onwards and upwards.


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