Citywide Fitness Transformation Contest 2011


I started the 12 week challenge with high hopes and expectations.


I wanted to lose 10 kilos, get stronger and start preparing for a physical challenge in 2012.


I knew it would be hard work which I was prepared for, I knew eating really really well and staying away from red wine would be hard and I would have to exhibit strong will power but I don’t think I actually was totally prepared for what would happen and how hard it would be.


The challenge started and training was kicking along nicely. I love training and I actually love training with James, the best part is baiting him into a discussion about a topic he’s passionate about and watching him go. He also provides fantastic advice and encouragement.


I didn’t think motivating myself to train was ever going to be the hard part of the challenge except if work got in the way which it occasionally did but I managed and I was right, training was the easy part.


The hard part.


My head and its relationship with food and alcohol.


I learnt during the challenge that I’m a swinger (not that kind). I swing between being focused and determined and eating really well and not wanting treats and bad food or wine and being highly motivated to being casual and relaxed and saying to myself, “its Friday night let’s have a wine”, “I’ve trained all week I can have an ice cream”.


Now this wouldn’t be such an issue if I didn’t have an addictive personality and didn’t binge eat. I would blow my entire week of good eating in one weekend then on Monday I would start again and be on track and fantastic for a week then again on the weekend I’d ruin it. I couldn’t just have one cheat meal or one desert for the week or one night of drinking a couple of glasses of red I’d have two or three nights like this.


Slowly as the challenge progressed I would get better at controlling this cycle and the cheats and wine instances would decrease but I still would cave at functions which seemed to pop up so often during the challenge and I struggled in my own head every weekend about what I should and shouldn’t be putting into my body.


Now my partner who was also participating in the challenge exhibited amazing will power and would say no to these things but still I’d say yes and I’d indulge and then I’d feel guilty and feel like a failure.


Now don’t get me wrong this all sounds negative but really in the end it’s a positive, it’s a positive as I learnt a lot about myself and my relationship with food. Fasting really helped me with this. I now recognise the signs of real hunger properly, I now am better educated thanks to my chats with James about what I should and shouldn’t be putting into my body and how it affects me. I now am starting to change my brain and my relationship with food and wine. I am slowly starting to be able to say no to things and only have a treat once a week of a proper desert not a chocolate bar every other day of the week. I still have a cheeky Red Wine on a Friday night but now most weekends its only Friday night and not Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and I don’t feel guilty if I relax with friends out for dinner or catching up for drinks.


The main positives for me with this challenge were my strength gains. I lost 4 kilos which is better than nothing but it wasn’t what I wanted and I’m still working on getting to my goal weight.


I did however hit some massive numbers on dead lifts (100kg x 4), I’m doing chin ups with a 10kg weight vest on, dips with the vest on, swinging heavier kettlebells, bench pressing 50 kgs and I am fitter than I have been in a very long time thanks mostly to James and also to Lauren who motivates me to be a better person and reminds me to keep working on reaching my potential and achieving my goals.


I wasn’t particularly happy with my after photos which you can probably tell from the look on my face but I am happy with what I’ve learned and the track in life that I am now on.


I would encourage any body that has a fitness or weight loss goal no matter how small or big to contact James and experience a session with him as it’ll amaze you how one skinny white boy can help change your life and help make a better you.



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