Citywide Fitness Transformation Contest 2011

I started the 12 Week Challenge embedded with the idea from James, that exercising for weight loss doesn’t have to be hard, just consistent and fun! Yeah right, well consistency yes, but the training sessions were never promised to be easy, that’s why they work, but fun does certainly come into it. Quote me, “I can’t!”, James says, “but you’re doing it!” and adds, “don’t try to think, the body has taken all the oxygen from your brain now.”
In the past I was a serial gym swapper. I can’t tell you how many times I have signed on with gyms, classes, and even a personal trainer to try to convince myself to exercise. Thanks to James’s inspiration and encouragement, I have been working out consistently and for the first time honestly, I actually have remained consistent, focused and look forward to it. For me, it started as a matter of losing weight and wanting to look better but I now really feel so much better in myself. I have some pretty annoying joint issues so I rely heavily on James’s instruction and my flexibility is greatly improved and I am so much stronger. The best part is that I actually have some muscles.  My arms are now shapely enough that I have begun to wear sleeveless tops for the first time in ages — and people have started to comment on the difference and give encouraging feedback.  The real buzz is when in Bootcamp I hear “just 5 more Lyn” from people that are actual athletes in their own right.  It feels great to have broken the curse of signing up and going through the motions but not really changing shape, diet or maintaining the interest enough to sustain a dedicated change to a new lifestyle.
Thanks, James and my little support group.


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