Citywide Fitness Transformation Contest 2011


For the last half of 2010 I spent every spare minute shopping for a trendy mother of the bride outfit.  None of the clothes I tried on fitted properly, they made me look awful and I felt even worse.  I was dieting and walking regularly but not seeing any results.  I was desperate because I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off.  All I wanted was to look my best for the wedding and go forward from there.

I started going to James in September.  Two months later I went to my daughter’s wedding with the confidence that I looked the best I had in years.  I still had a long way to go but I set small weight loss goals that I was able to achieve.  My health was improving, a huge motivator, and I was fitter than I had been in a long time.

I have to confess to starting the 12 week Challenge with little expectation of noticing much visible improvement.  I thought the way I was would be about as good as it got.  I did want to lose a bit more weight but overall I was very pleased with myself just to be able to wear clothes I hadn’t fitted in for years.

With James’s encouragement and mentoring I stuck with the program.  The eating plan was working well for me and now it is a part of life, I like it.  I actually enjoy going to the gym and sometimes even work out with my daughter.  She spurs me on as I try to keep pace with her.  When we are able we take her dog for a walk on the beach on Saturday mornings so that is more exercise for me.

I think that’s why my ‘Before and After’ photos blew me away.  Not only had I reached another weight loss goal but the muscle tone and definition were there for me to see with my own eyes.

I haven’t seen my brothers and some of my friends since last August so I can’t to see the look on their faces.



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