14 Ways To Lose Belly Fat – Fat Loss Tips

by James Kerrison on August 28, 2010

Here in no particular order are 14 tips you can use straight away to help you lose some belly fat. Implement them straight away and you will see results straight away also!

  1. Increase you water intake
  2. Calculate your calories (you might not count calories but your body does)
  3. Get your macro’s right within these calories. You still need energy!
  4. If you don’t know how to do this yourself get help from a good trainer.
  5. Increase your protein intake.  
  6. Whatever your strategy stick with it! Assess if its working after 6-12 weeks of consistency.
  7. Eat more broccoli, spinach and greens in general.
  8. Fish and chicken are your friends (if you are Vegetarian have a look here)
  9. If you’re not assessing you’re guessing, take pictures weekly, weigh yourself daily. Be honest with yourself.
  10. Find foods that match your goals that you like and eat them everyday.
  11. Don’t be afraid of fats especially from nuts, avocado and olive oils.
  12. Add a fibre supplement to your diet if you need, I take it at night, you might want to take it in the morning, it doesn’t matter, just take it.
  13. While we are at it, take your damn fish oil too. That stuff should be compulsory for everyone without an allergy.
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