14 Ways To Put On Belly Fat – The Reply

by James Kerrison on August 30, 2010

In my past post, 14 Ways To Lose Belly Fat – Fat Loss Tips, I outlined some strategies that will help you to achieve your goal when it comes to health and fitness. Just so happens that one of my good clients was feeling creative at the same time that I posted it and sent me her right of reply titled ’14 Ways To Put On Belly Fat!’

This list however is very accurate and the scary thing is that it is probably reflective of some peoples way of life. If you find yourself doing a few or more of the following, it might be a good time to read the original post and implement those ideas instead!

So here it is, 14 Ways To Put On Belly Fat…

1. Do no exercise
2. Eat fish and chips in front of the tv 7 nights a week
4. Drink diet coke instead of water
5. Get other people to buy/make your food for you so you dont burn unecessary energy
6. Eat high carb food such as bread, rice, pasta and donuts
7. Stay clear of anything that may contain protein
8. Eat food high in processed sugar
9. Eat foods high in saturated fats, anything from KFC would probably work – the fat negates the protein in the chicken
10. Have cream in your 10 cups of coffee a day with 4 teaspoons of sugar – more caffine the longer you can stay awake the more you can eat
11. Don’t exercise at all, worth reapeating as moving will burn excess calories
12. Stay clear of food containing fiber as this may caouse regular bowl movements and decrease your somach bloat
13. Eat ever half an hour
14. Drink lots of flourvoured milk drinks, alcohol, soft drink and high energy drinks – we ofter forget the extra calories we can cram in with our liquid input

There you go, it isn’t pretty but it like I said hopefully you aren’t following this list and are making good choices!

Let me know what you think with a comment below.

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