18 Quick Fat Burning Workouts

by James Kerrison on March 8, 2010

Workouts don’t need to be overly complex.

Especially when the goal of the workout isn’t that complex.

If the goal is to get fitter, stronger and leaner, then you want to move as much weight as possible with just little rest in between.

Give this workout template a crack next time you are ready for a change of pace.

After warming up get cracking with the following circuit.

A1: Barbell Deadlift x 6

A2: Chin Up x 6

4 sets, no rest between A1-A2, 60 seconds rest between A2-A1.

B1: Dumbbell Lunge x 12

B2: Push Up x 12

4 sets, no rest between B1-B2, 60 seconds rest between B2-B1.

C1: Barbell Clean and Press x 6

C1: Mountain Climber x 30 seconds

4 sets, no rest between C1-C2, 60 seconds rest between C2-C1.

Now this is where the fun starts and why you never have to be bored with your workout or stuck in a rut.

Follow this workout for three sessions (ideally over a week to 10 days), then push all of the exercises down the list one. So instead of starting with A1-A2, you will do B1-B2, C1-C2 and finish with A1-A2.

Once again do this for three sessions, then bump the exercise order once more. Start with C1-C2, then A1-A2 and finish B1-B2.

This give you nine workouts (three goes at three different exercise orders) to get going with. You can do each one more than three times is you are still making progress with the numbers you are lifting (as in you can lift more weight – not reps- than the last session), but you don’t have to.

When you have had enough of this series of workouts, all you need to do is flip the combos so that your workout will now look like this.

A2 -> A1 rest, repeat

B2 -> B1 rest, repeat

C2 -> C1 rest, repeat

Then, once again you can bump the starting lot down one and do B2-B1, C2-C1 and finish with A2-A1. Do that one three times and you are onto C2-C1, A2-A1 and B2-B1 combo.

Do each of these at least three times each and you have 18 workouts, which is enough for about 6 or so weeks.

Now remember, we have only used six exercises here. After you have completed the 18 workouts, change each of the exercises (like for like, ie front squat for deadlifts, alternate chin grip, bench press for push up etc) and you have another 18 workout ready and waiting for you!

No more excuses to be stale and boring with your workouts. Keep your mind and body progressing and guessing and you’ll find that you are able to take your fitness and strength to new levels.

(Btw, I couldn’t find any relevant pics, so I used some weird ones! – Can you tell?)

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