20 Non Negotiable Eating Rules

by James Kerrison on March 27, 2012

I posted the following question on my Facebook profile the other day.

“Would you rather learn more about training or diet when it comes to body transformations and fat loss?”

As you can see from the discussion, most of the feedback indicated that people need more help with the diet and nutrition side of things rather than training advice.
Of course they are both important, but when it comes to making changes with your body I like to use the arbitrary numbers of 70% diet and 30% training. Others say 80/20 and I’m sure there are differing opinions on where it lies for different people, but the point is that what you eat will have a significant impact on changing your body.

First, here’s the discussion, and then there are  20 non negotiable eating rules which will get you started on the right track.

1. Go natural as much as possible. Man made ‘stuff’ that resembles food shouldn’t be a huge percentage of your diet.
2. Typically avoid foods in a bag, box or can.
3. Find good quality local produce. Farmers markets and green grocers are a better source than the supermarket.
4. Grass fed beef is optimal.
5. Wild caught fish is optimal.
6. Get your fluid intake up early in the day. Staying hydrated is easier then rehydrating.
7. Don’t cook everything, eat some raw foods too. Ideally this will be some veggies, berries and fruit, maybe some fish too.
8. Eat your greens, and lots of them. Treat them as they are calorie free, for their volume they almost are.
9. Don’t hate on potatoes. They’re full of nutrition and hard to over eat. Adding oil, butter and cream to them isn’t as cool.
10. Help your digestion with some lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and yogurt. Not all together though, and be careful with your teeth (the acidity can wreak havoc)
11. You’ll know that you’re getting too much Vitamin C when you become a little… explosive? When you’re spending more time on the toilet than normal, you’ve had too much, up until then get some more in.
12. Limit inflammation by getting more omega 3’s in and less sugar.
13. If you’re drinking, make sure its spirits and soda. Maybe some lime too.
14. Fats are good, just like everything else, in moderation. This goes for saturated fat too, especially from coconut oil.
15. Coffee. Black. Yes.
16. Increase your FTE’s. They’re ‘First Time Experiences’ and can make eating fun instead of sticking to the same old same old.
17. Learn to recognise and understand hunger. Intermittent fasting is a great way to learn about yourself and hunger.
18. Become less ‘food-centric’. Food is great and can be a large part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to be like this 24/7.
19. The research on artificial sweeteners is a bit confusing, but deep down you know they aren’t great. Just don’t over do it here, a drink of sugar free soda isn’t going to kill you, but a litre or two a day just might.
20. Be consistent. The best plan and intentions won’t get you anywhere unless you are doing it regularly. You are the sum of your habits, so if you are living the lean lifestyle chances are you will be lean too.

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