20 Ways To Stay Lean This Holiday Season

by James Kerrison on November 17, 2010

1. Protein to go. Yogurt, packets or tins of tuna or chicken, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, protein powder in a shaker.

2. Fill you kitchen and fridge with a weeks worth of fruit, veggies and berries. Eat these before you buy any ‘bad’ food.

3. Good fat sources. Flavored oils and almonds should do the trick here.

4. Get some great tasting recipes made for fat loss.

5. Good quality fish oil, taken DAILY!

6. Multi vitamin and mineral tablets. If you are eating the same foods everyday there might be some nutritional holes so to speak. A daily multi should help cover this gap.

7. Get a George Foreman grill. Quick and easy way to cook your meat, chicken and fish.

8. Get a blender. I like the Magic Bullet, anything will do though. You can make some awesome things in a blender (think Super Ultimate Shakes and Ice Cream!)

9. Tupperware. You’re preparing your meals, so you’ll need to be taking them with you at some stage as well.

10. Steamer. Need more veggies, this will make it painless to cook them.

11. Add coconut oil to number 3.

12. At least half a dozen different teas. The more you drink of this the better, but you will get bored of the same one pretty quickly, so mix it up.

13. Nut butters. Almond butter and peanut butter are my favorite. Some portion control will be required here.

14. Try to cook or prepare most of your meals. The less pre-packaged and store bought meals the better.

15. Consistency always works, for good or bad, you’ll be the result f what you do most often.

16. Clear out the cupboards of the foods that aren’t part of your eating plan.

17. Scales and measuring cups can help. Not just for portion control, but when I follow a recipe, I follow a recipe. Mom gives me recipes with ‘a bit of this’ or ‘some of that’ but I’m not that good in the kitchen to be freestyling!

18. Calorie free condiments, hot sauce, spices, salt, pepper, seasoning mixes. Make bland and boring exciting.

19. Try Intermittent Fasting

20. Drink more water. You can always drink more.

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