2010 – 20 Fat Loss Tips In 10 Seconds

by James Kerrison on January 11, 2010

Let’s ring in the new year with some back to basics fat loss advice.

Fat loss is simple. Tell yourself this until you actually believe it.

You probably already know what you need to do and there is no need to be looking for the latest greatest method because the tried and tested basics work every time.

Here’s 20 quick tips to get you on track straight away. Feel free to leave some more in the comments section below as well. 

1. Eat more fish

find him then eat him!!

2. Eat more eggs

3. Eat more cottage cheese

4. Eat more nuts

5. Eat more green vegetables

6. Eat more berries

7. Eat more fruit

8. Eat less CRAP -> Avoid these 26 Foods

9. Drink more tea -> Add your favourite tea to the list

drink more tea

10. Drink more water

11. Never add sugar to anything

12. Take your fish oil

13. Take a good multi vitamin

14. Train with intensity (high intensity that is, not low intensity!)

15. Train the whole body

Bikinis are a must when training!

16. Train your weaknesses more than you train your strengths

17. Master body weight exercises (See point 16)

18. Set a personal best every workout

19. Be consistent

20. Be consistent (No I didn’t get lazy, nor is that a typo. Be consistent dammit. Don’t be saying “I’m just getting back into it” once a month. Be saying “I haven’t missed a workout or messed up my eating this month”. Do everything on this list CONSISTENLY to make 2010 your best year ever.

Now tell me your top tips for this year, leave a comment below.

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