26 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Lose Belly Fat

by James Kerrison on July 7, 2009

3 So Called ‘Healthy Foods’ To Avoid

There are foods to avoid and foods you shouldn’t eat if you are trying to lose weight. Why?

Some foods are good for you health. Some foods are good for your waistline.

The following is a list of foods that are good for neither.

These foods either contain trans fats, are high in animal saturated fats, are highly processed, are highly refined or are full of sugar (or a combination of these…yuk!)

If you want to lose belly fat, you definitely need to avoid these foods.


Croissants (Just because they are European doesn’t make them healthy!)

Alfredo Sauces (Cream, butter and some flavour. Generally added to pasta for a double kick)

* Anything that has been deep fried (yes, this includes Mars Bars!)

* Margarine(Can you name the ingredients in maragrine?)

Lollies (Sugar in different shapes is still sugar)

Chocolate (Some 70% or higher cocoa is OK)

* Non lean cuts of meat (Pork, Porterhouse)

mmm pork…

* Cookies, Cakes and biscuits (Danger. All calories, no fibre, no nutirents)

* Soft Drink and Cordial (Liquid sugar goes straight to the waistline)

* Pies (Fatty pastry with fatty ‘meat’ = Bad News)

cold meat pie anyone?

* Donuts (You know they’re bad)

* Potato and Corn Chips (Refined, fried with added salt. Not even closed to a healthy choice)

* Hot Dogs (What’s really in a hot dog? Who knows, but it’s not pretty)

* Take Away Burgers (Cheap, fatty and nasty ‘meat’, normally with added cheese and bacon!)

* Pretend Peanut Butter (Anything but the natural type)

* Flavoured Full Fat Milk (Too much sugar, especially when combined with the fat content)

* Processed Lunch Meats (Pretend Ham, chicken, turkey)

* Salami (See hot dog.)

* Sausages (They’re cheap for a reason)

Do what you can to avoid these foods. There are so many great tasting, healthy options out there that don’t really take any more effort to make and are just as enjoyable. Over time the less you eat from this list the healthier and leaner you will be.


Where to from here?

  • Eat more vegetables, fruits and berries.
  • Drink less soda and fruit juice, but keep your fluids up with water, tea and coffee (yes coffee!)
  • Take your own lunch for work/school using better ingredients than store bought lunches.
  • Don’t ruin your dinner with mindless snacking afterwards.
  • Plan your meals, or at least avoid the foods listed above.

If you want more advice on losing fat and fat burning diet tips, let me hand it over to my friend Mike Geary.

Check out his article which shows you “three foods NEVER to eat” plus a bunch of other fat loss and health tips.

Just click on the image of  below to watch the video.

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