3 Kettelbell Exercises To Try – Kettlebell Workout Routines

by James Kerrison on October 10, 2010

Kettlebell exercises seem to be avoided by a lot of regular gym goers. Maybe it’s because they are a bit weird looking or because they are a bit hard to use than regular weights. Maybe it’s because your gym doesn’t have them, if thats the case you need to get moving!
Kettlebell training has increased in popularity in the last few years but I can guarantee that there is nothing fad like with this workout tool. It is great to see people taking an interest in this alternative to regular forms of weight training. If you think that the kettlebell is just a funny shaped dumbbell, then there’s every chance that you haven’t used KB’s and don’t fully understand their benefits.
To get you started with using kettlebells, here are a few easy exercise substitutions you can make to your regular routine.
1. KB Overhead Press instead of any type of Overhead Pressing with a Dumbbell or Barbell.
Pick up your kettlebell and bring it into the rack position, close to your body ensuring that your wrist stays straight, and that that ‘bell is resting in the ‘V’ made by your forearm and bicep. Brace down hard through your core, (think that someone is about to punch you in the stomach), squeeze the kettlebell handle as hard as you can and drive the kettlebell overhead. During the press you will rotate your hand so that in the top position your palm will be facing away from your body. At the top make sure that you lock out the elbow and that your shoulder is locked down and back.  The kettlebell should be directly over the shoulder, or slightly behind, but not in front of the body. From here you need to keep your core braced, and revers the movement and hand rotation coming back to the rack position.
2. Renegade Rows or Modified RR’s in place of a standard 1-Arm DB Row.
With the regular 1 arm row where you have one leg on the bench, renegade rows and their variations require you to use your entire core to keep your lower back straight and stable.
To get started stand in front of a chair or bench with your feet hip width apart. Place the kettlebell between your feet and one hand on the bench. With the other hand, reach down and grab the kettlebell, brace your core, and pull the kettlebell up towards your hip. The only thing that should be moving is your arm. Your legs, back and shoulders should remain still and straight. Your body will want to twist up with the weight but by resisting this movement, you have turned a boring back exercise into strong core exercise as well. Lower the weight under control once again keeping everything still and square.
3. Kettlebell Front Squats instead of regular squats.
You can do this kettlebell exercise as a single or double KB from squat. Both are very tough on the legs, core and upper body for different reasons.
Start in the rack position, the same as mentioned above for the overhead press. You will need to brace your core like never before on this exercise, squeeze the KB handle tight and then start your descent.
Push your hips back and then follow this movement by bending the knees. As you lower you will need to keep those core muscles braced as hard as possible. You need to keep your spine in a neutral position all the way down, descending as low as possible. From the bottom position, drive your feet into the floor (making sure your heels stay down throughout the whole movement, lift the chest and extend up to the starting position. Rinse and repeat for as many repetitions as required.
There you go. Three easy transitions you can make from regular training to kettlebell exercises. Having a whole range of KB’s at your disposal is nice, but you can get a great total body workout with just one. Single side training will also challenge your core and stabilizers in a way you haven’t experienced. This strength transfers well to everyday life and will go a long way to eliminating back pain.
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