3 Secrets to losing 8 kilos in 4 weeks or less.

by James Kerrison on April 27, 2009

For the folks in the south we are coming into winter. For our friends up north they are heading into summer. Which is more important to get the weight off for? Silly question. They both are. Although I do think it is more important to get focused and on track heading into the cooler months because it is so easy to do less activity and tell yourself that it’s OK to put on a winter coat.
But just imagine how happy you would be, coming into spring and you have actually lost weight instead of putting it on. Then you have the power. You can either maintain the status quo and enjoy your summer or you can reset your goal on new heights.
Sure beats the idea of going around in circles, up and down, up and down, with no real losses. Put these 3 secrets for fat loss into action and you will be amazed by the results.

1.  Have a specific goal (8 kilos in 4 weeks for example!) and tell at least 5 people about it.

Now when I say 5 people, I mean telling 5 people that take you just a bit out of your comfort zone. Commit yourself by telling 5 people whom will want to see you fail and will remind you every step of the way. This will keep you on track as you will do everything right just to prove them wrong.  A couple of people from work, a few from a club or sporting team and someone at the bus stop should do.

2. Keep a food diary.

Your results will be in direct correlation with the effort you put in. If you are weighing and measuring everything you eat you will be able to adjust as necessary and make fantastic improvements to your body. If you take it down a level and concentrate on eating only the foods I talk about then your results will still be good. If you decide to wing it and have no idea really of what you are eating and where to make changes your results will be, at best, average. If you keep a diary, even if it is only for a week, to see exactly what and how much you are eating, your success will be guaranteed.

3. Make sure your ACTIONS match your GOALS.

So you have set a specific goal. Every time you eat, drink and train (or don’t train) you have an opportunity to either work towards your goal or away from it. It kills me to see people talk about wanting to lose weight and then hear that same person talking about how big a weekend they had, or about the all you can eat buffet they are going to. These are the same people who have ‘tried everything but can’t seem to lose weight. Don’t be that person. Actively think each and every time you eat or drink  – ‘Do my actions match my goals’.

Put these 3 secrets into action and you will be amazed how powerful they can be. Go against the trend this year and say good bye to the winter coat forever.

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