5 Food Preparation Strategies for Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on January 26, 2010

Ever seen the movie ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”? Clearly not one of the greatest films of our time, but it reminds me of what happens when you have your food preparation strategies under control.

Long story short (and to save you the discomfort of watching the movie!) they would go back in time and changes things, or hide things so that when they came back to the present it was there. Confused? Fair enough, time travel isn’t that popular yet.

Put it like this. When you are wondering what to have for lunch, open the fridge and your lunch is already there, life is good. It is even a better feeling if you have forgotten that you have made the meal and it is a genuine surprise! (Trust me, this happens quite often for me. Short term memory loss is a side effect of having twins I’m sure!)

Enough rabbling, lets look at some time tested strategies.

1. Double the recipe

The idea here is that you make a double (even triple) batch and store the leftovers. Put some in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch or in the freezer for a quick, healthy frozen meal. Be careful not to over eat just because there is an abundance of food cooked here.

2. Buy more Tupperware

I love Tupperware, but obviously you can get any brand of storage containers. These will come in handy for the leftovers you have cooked, but also for storing fresh ingredients. For instance we use it to store tuna not used for lunch instead of leaving it in the tin.

3. Bag It Up

Buy in bulk and store in serves. That’s what you want to be doing with things like nuts, beans and snow peas. It makes sense to buy in bulk because you generally get a better price. But then instead of just having large bags or jars of nuts (it can be very easy to over eat this way), get some zip lock bags and put them into single serves. All you need to do is grab a bag for a snack or take a few with you to work.

4. Take and Shake

Or is it shake and take. Or take, shake and take. Either way what you want to do is grab some of your favorite protein powder and put it in your shaker. All you need to do is add some water and you’ve instantly got some quality protein. Eat the bag of nuts you brought and a piece of fruit (or the snow peas) and your done. Once again you can bag up some single serves at the start of the week so all you need to do is grab it on the way out instead of measuring it everyday.

5. Make Breakfast at Night

Most breakfasts worth eating will require a bit of preparation of cooking. That means you typically don’t want to be eating cereal, toast or juice. Sure they are convenient, but they will have enough processed carbs to keep you running for about a week. Problem is you will feel hungry not long after and be eating again. So pre-cook your eggs, blend your cottage cheese, berries and nuts and have it all ready to eat, or heat and eat in the morning.

If you have a strategy of your own, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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