500 Rep Body Weight Challenge

by James Kerrison on May 7, 2009

Fat loss workouts don’t need to be fancy to be effective. In fact sometimes the simpler they are the more effective they can be.

If you have to over think what you are doing when you are training, some effort will be lost on the workout and your results will not be as good.

For those of you familiar with any of my circuits, you will know that simple and easy are poles apart. For instance, doing 1000 burpees is a simple concept, but it would be anything but easy to do. (Do not attempt to do 1000 burpees. Ever!!)

One of the most effective ways of pushing yourself to work harder is to race against yourself, the clock or both.

When you have a predetermined number of sets or reps to complete, the only other variable is the time. The shorter it takes you to complete the workout, the more intense it is. Think of it this way. If you were to run 100 metres in 10 seconds it would be more intense than walking 100 metres in 45 seconds. Same workout, different intensity.

In a race against the clock, try the following 500 rep body weight challenge.

50 Push ups
50 Step Ups (each leg)
50 Chin Ups
100 Y Squats
100 Inverted Rows
100 Mountain Climbers

Go as hard as you can, resting as little as possible when needed. This workout will boost both your fat loss and your strength in record time.
You can check out a video of this workout (and my other video’s) here.

Have a go and let me know your times.

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