8 More Ways To Instantly Improve Your Eating

by James Kerrison on June 9, 2009

As you probably know I am not a big fan of making massive dietary overhauls in one step. Instead I favour the approach of making small, consistent improvements. I think this is a better approach because it leads to much greater sustainability and long term success.

The chances of succeeding when you try to chance long term habits overnight are very slim. If instead you replace the old, bad habits with new, healthier ones over time, you will be able to sustain these new habits just like you did the old ones. The main difference being that you will be healthier and leaner as a reward for the effort.

“What are the 8 C’s?” I hear you asking. Well they are 8 foods that have no health benefits, packed with sugar, fat (or both) and will lead to extra kilos and extra inches on the waistline.

Alright, you’ve waited long enough, here they are.

  1. Cereal. Any processed breakfast type cereal has to go. If you want, go for whole rolled oats instead.
  2. Colas. Without being brand specific (none of them are good for you) opt for green tea, black tea or flavoured teas.
  3. Cakes. If this needs explaining we’re in trouble.
  4. Cookies. See cakes.
  5. Candy. Basically sugar in different shapes. And the ‘sugar free’ versions are packed with modified alcohols.
  6. Crackers. Not only are they a poor quality, processed food, chances are you will add some cheese, dips etc to them.
  7. Cream. Throw ice cream in here as well. They are a sure fire way to pack on the pounds.
  8. Chocolate. Sure one piece of 80% cocoa chocolate might be alright, but every otherwise chocolate isn’t your friend!

All I want you to do is reconsider your intake of the 8 C’s. If all you were to do this week was to drop the 8C’s, increase your green vegetable intake and read this, then you would be doing better than 95% of the population.

What other ‘C’ foods can you think of that should be avoided? Leave a comment below.

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