9 Foods To Eat (if you want to lose belly fat)

by James Kerrison on February 1, 2011


Packed with fibre and god fats that have been shown in studies to actually reduce belly fat.


These are the business. I wasn’t a big fan of beans in the past but my eyes have been opened to their goodness. Beans will help clean your stomach out and if you have them regularly they won’t cause any stomach complaints. They’ll help rude bloating and the unsightly belly bulge.


No surprise here either but berries are often overlooked. It’s a shame because they have the sweetness to fix any craving but are also loaded with nutrients and fibre. Once again, you’ll feel fuller for longer, have more energy and less belly fat. Win, win, win.


Unless its on a donut, eat more cinnamon. It will help to stabilise your blood suggar levels which is crucial in keeping fat off your belly. Being a spice it actually goes well with steak and chicken. Add some cinnamon, salt and pepper and you meat will be seasoned and your blood sugar down. For something different add 1/2 a teaspoon to your coffee.


Get your fix of protein, vitamins, minerals and stay full and full of energy for long periods of time. Keep it simple and go for boiled or add some veggies to an omelet or scramble.

Green Tea

Tea will keep you feeling full and away from the snack jar, but it has also been shown in studies to boost your metabolism which will help burn belly fat.

Nut Butters

Once again these are packed full of fibre and good fats. They’ll keep you full and give you long lasting energy. Don’t just stick with peanut butter, give almond butter, cashew butter a try.


What a surprise, i’m telling you to eat more vegetables!! But specifically broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage because they contain special compunds that fight against estrogens that can add belly fat. More of the veggies listed above means less belly fat.


Avoid the flavoured varieties and go for natural or greek yogurt which contains a hit of probiotics which will keep your stomach healthy on the inside meaning you’ll store less on the outside.

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