A to Z of Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on May 23, 2009

A is for Avocados. Good fats, plenty of fibre, great with any meal.
B is for Burpees. Old school, simple and effective.
C is for Crunches. Ditch them in favour of Killer Core Exercises.
D is for Deadlifts. Great exercise for your legs, arms and butt.
E is for Eggs. Natures perfect meal.
F is for Fasting. Often overlooked and misunderstood.
G is for Goals. Make sure you have them. You can achieve anything you want.
H is for Heavy. Don’t be afraid of lifting heavy weights. They won’t make you bulk up.
I is for Intensity. Pump it up. When you train, have a proper go. Finish your workout spent.
J is for Jumping. Get your own body weight moving vertically and your heart rate will follow.
K is for Kangaroo meat. Full of nutrients, very lean and good for the environment.
L is for Lifestyle. Make small changes every week and your fat loss lifestyle will be sustainable.
M is for Magnesium. Are you getting enough? If not eat more spinach and pumpkin seeds.
N is for Natural. Avoid processed foods as much as possible.
O is for Obesity. Don’t become a statistic. Stay active and eat well.
P is for Positivity. Focus on the good and eliminate the bad. Always be looking for the positives.
Q is for Quinoa. Actually a seed, but used like a grain. Great addition to soups, or as a substitute for rice. Have you tried it yet?
R is for Rest. Recovery is just as important as the hard work you are doing.
S is for Supersets. Raise the intensity of your workouts by doing two exercises with no rest in between.
T is for Technique. Always exercise with proper technique. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself when working out.
U is for United. Get the support of your family and friends and you will get further than ever before.
V is for Variety. Mix it up and you will never get bored.
W is for Weight. Don’t get too conscious of the scales. Do your clothes fit better, do you look and feel better? These are much more important than a number on the scales.
X is for Xanthines. Caffeine is derived from xanthine, and whether you want an extra boost for your workouts or just to kickstart your day then a caffeine hit will do the trick. (Drawn a long bow here, but you try getting a X for fat loss!!)
Y is for You. Get the body you have always wanted. Don’t be afraid of failing. The only way to fail is to not try.
Z is for Zinc. Common deficiency. Easy enough to get when eating red meat, peas and pumpkin seeds.

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