Hi I’m James Kerrison and technically I’m a Registered Exercise Professional (whatever that means!)

If I was to give myself a title, it would be ‘The Body Transformer’ although a lot of what I do ends up changing your mind and body, but that’s a little deep for the first introduction.

My number one goal is to help people like yourself get into the best shape of your life without the BS.

When I first started in the fitness industry, I noticed that a lot of what I did was different to other people. Not much has changed from my end, but it seems everyone else is still looking for the latest and greatest methods, even though the basics have never changed.

99% of people don’t need much more than consistency and progression, two things that are a must when you train with me.

With a lot of misinformation out there, I just tell people what works and get them to do it!

There’s a life outside of the gym though, and that time is lovingly filled by my wife and three daughters.


James, Ashlea and Rach


My four girls, Rach, Ash, Billie and Charlie


Bille, Ashlea and Charlie


Billie, Charlie and Ashlea at the beach


Living the lean, strong lifestyle.


190kg x 8 Deadlifts, just before Xmas 2011 

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