Are You Digging Deep Enough For Results?

by James Kerrison on March 29, 2012

There’s a saying I heard the other day that went something like this:

When looking for oil, you can dig 100 holes 1 foot deep, or you can dig 1 hole 100 feet deep.

A subsequent Google search found nothing, so either I heard it wrong, or I totally misunderstood something along the way. Either way that is what I remembered because to me it made sense and I immediately drew a correlation between what I see happening with my clients and digging for oil.

The Hundred Hole Approach

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You’ve tried low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, the juice diet, the South Beach diet, the CSIRO diet, intermittent fasting, six meals a day, the Lemon Detox diet, the Durkan diet, the paleo diet, the sugar free diet, the wheat free diet…

Not quite 100 holes there, but can you see where I’m going with this?

This approach is a sure fire way to get nowhere except frustrated. Always looking for the next best thing instead of being consistent with one approach and actually giving it a chance to work.

Worse than that though would be when you are seeing results and fall off the bandwagon, just to go and dig another hole, looking for the next best thing, instead of going back the what worked (and keep digging that same hole).

The One Hole Approach

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Maybe I’m lazy. Maybe I’m a genius. Or perhaps I’m a lazy genius.

Either way I like to keep things simple and break it down to the lowest common denominator.

All of the above mentioned diets and eating plans will work if you follow them. They are all based on the theory that if your energy balance (energy in from food minus energy out from living and moving) is in a negative, you will lose weight.

So if you are trying to lose weight then you need to find a way that you can consistently be in what we call an energy deficit.

Energy deficit x time = weight loss. (genius or lazy?)

When you’re digging that hole, just keep on digging. It’s working and you’re getting to where you want to be, why would you start digging another hole?

You might stop digging on the weekend, perhaps even start refilling that hole…but come Monday you should go back to what was working, and keep digging that same hole.

Make sense?

I have written about what is the best diet for fat loss before and this is an individual thing. Something that I find doing, you might struggle with. So i’ll be able to do it long term and you won’t be. It doesn’t mean the diet wouldn’t work, but it didn’t because you couldn’t do it for long enough.

And when I say long enough, I really mean (and I hate the term) a lifestyle change. They’re all words, but if you don’t see yourself eating the way the ‘diet’ suggests for at least 6-12 months then you’re basically digging 100 holes.


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