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Swing and Squat

Perform one goblet squat, then one Swing.
Perform two goblet squats, then two Swings.
Now, three and three. Work your way up to ten and ten… if you can.
If you just go to fives, that’s 15 reps of each exercise. Tens gets you 55 each, and a lot of lost breath. It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway: build up on this one slowly.

This combo will  teach you both patterns (hinge and squat).

Swing and Walk

Grab two kettlebells and do five to eight front squats (about a 10-12 rep maximum weight)

Drop the kettlebells to your sides and walk. (How far? Doesn’t really matter, work on increasing distance or rounds)

Do another set of front squats.

Walk back. Do as many rounds as you can without dropping the kettlebells.

Clock Ladders

30-30 (6)
60-30 (5)
90-30 (4)
120-30 (3)
150-30 (2)
180-rest (1)

KB Swing
KB Squat
KB 1 Arm Row
KB 2 Hand Press
BW Pushup
BW Jump

Rope – Alternate, Double, Circle
KB Swing
KB 1 Arm Press
KB High Pull
KB Squat
BW Pushup

30-5-30 (10 rounds)

Squat and Swing
Swing and Skip
Swing and Pushup
Swing and Rope
Skip and Rope

30-5-30 (4 rounds)


Rep Ladders

1-10 Squat
10-1 Swing
5-10 Pushups*

1-10 Squat
10-1 Swing
20 Seconds Rope*

*optional constant overloads
20-10’s aka Tabatas

8 Rounds, 1-2 exercises, most combos work, typically choose non competing exercises.

Swings and Squats
Swings and Ropes
Swings and Pushups
Squats and Pushups
Squats and Ropes


50 – 101 rep swings
3,5,10 minute swings

Cardio and Core

2 minute Swings -> 1 minute Brace

1 minute rest, as many rounds as time allows.

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