Benefits Of Barefoot Running – Forefoot Running

by James Kerrison on January 27, 2011

Barefoot running are you serious? You know I’m not a big fan of running for most people so why on earth would I make it dangerous and uncomfortable as well?

Well things might not be as they appear at first glance. When the world was flat not everyone had access to the latest Nikes or Asics. Back in the day barefoot running was quite common but with the growth of footwear in modern wealthy countries it has become quite rare.

There are a lot of similarities between barefoot and forefoot running and personally I think barefoot running is a bit hardcore! Cover your feet up in something thin soled such as the Vibram Five Fingers or if you prefer less people staring at you, consider the Vivo Barefoot.

The biggest change from ‘normal’ or ‘shod’ running and forefoot running is the change from a heel strike to striking the ground with the outside and front of your foot. This reduces the repetitive stress and can significantly decrease the risk of chronic injuries associated with running.

The impact is now transferred more efficiently through your joints and muscles and when you are doing this hundreds, if not thousands of times over a run, it makes a massive difference.

Have a look at the two videos below which cover the topic in more detail. THe first video is quite technical and the voice over is really, really excited!

The second is a bit more lively and explains the efficiency of forefoot running versus shod running.

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