Best Bodyweight Exercise Ever! – Exercise For Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on May 21, 2009

What is the best bodyweight exercise you have done?

I hear some of you saying pushups. Sure they can be tough. But it isn’t unheard of to be able to do 50 or more of these.
Chin ups? I’d say these are harder that pushups given that I have never seen anyone do 50 consecutive chin ups.
I know that not one of my clients has ever asked to do more burpees than I have programmed! So I can guarantee that the old fashioned hard working burpee is up there with being one of the best bodyweight exercises.

But here’s a thought. Maybe not a particularly nice one, but a thought nonetheless.

What if I was to say to you lets do all three together?

Watch the video below for an exercise that will blast your whole body and take your fitness and fat loss to new levels.

Let me know how you go with it. First person to 100 wins a prize!

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