Best Diet For Fat Loss

by James Kerrison on September 26, 2011

What is the best diet for fat loss……wow, I’ve decided to go with an easy topic here!

Well, the truth is I can answer that question right off the bat here.

best diet for fat loss

In the most simplest of terms, the best diet for fat loss is going to be the one you can stick to for the longest period of time. All diets work, assuming that they are putting you into a ‘caloric deficit’. The tried and tested eat less than you burn model, worked then, works now!

So then it becomes a matter of finding a sustainable and enjoyable way to eat less overall.

This will be a little different for everyone.

You can lose weight on a high carb diet, a low carb diet and anything in between. Same goes for high and low protein, as well as high and low fat.

And this is where personal preference comes to the fore. Have you ever been on a ‘diet’ where you had to make significant changes to the foods you were eating and you just didn’t like it?

Well how long did you stick at that for? Chances are it wasn’t too long and therefore you didn’t get any benefit from it. Did the diet work?


Was it right for you?


best weight loss diet

My typical diet has been called high protein by some, and low protein by others. It all depends on where your personal preference sits.

The other area in which people get confused is when it comes to eating healthily or eating for optimum health. Although the topics of weight loss and optimal health are similar they aren’t the same thing.

We’ve seen the example of the Twinkie Diet and the McDonalds Diet, both were great for fat loss, but were they the best thing for optimal health?

I don’t think so.

But it does raise the question. If you needed to lose weight for your health and the Twinkie Bar diet was the best fat loss diet for you then doesn’t that make it healthy?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes it does, given that the consequences of being an unhealthy weight are worse. Especially if this person had tried to eat ‘optimally’ or a classic ‘healthy’ diet that they just couldn’t stick with.

This then leads us to the next question.

Why can’t I just use the Twinkie Bar / McDonalds / Ice Cream / Chocolate / Insert your favourite vice here / diet?

stop- weight-loss

Well you can as long as you have an ‘off button’ and can limit your overall calorie intake when eating these foods.

So that means if you can only eat a block of chocolate and not just a few pieces, or there’s no middle ground between one Tim Tam and the whole packet then you should probably avoid them altogether.

I like to call these ‘domino’ foods, because they set of a cascading effect of eating way too many calories. Avoid domino foods and you’ll also avoid a whole lot of extra calories.

Does this mean you should only eat ‘unhealthy’ foods?

Absolutely not!

Balance is everything in life and if you were to only eat ‘unhealthy’ foods then guess what? You’d kind of be unhealthy. You might look ok from the outside and could be in a healthy weight range, but your insides, your blood and your levels on inflammation wouldn’t resemble the healthy exterior.

In my opinion the only non negotiables are:

  • get enough protein
  • eat your damn veggies

Most other variables won’t have a massive impact on your results if you have your calories in check. ‘If’ is a big word though, and this is always going to be the most important issue. I remember a saying “you might not count calories but your body does”.

So what do I recommend? What is the best diet for fat loss?

The Renegade Diet by Jason Ferrugia 

This is 99% what I follow. In short it’s a two meal per day approach eating real food. Jason is keen on organic produce, I’m not as convinced its much better than regular food. The only thing I really do differently is that some days I only eat one meal, Eat Stop Eat style.

Simple Nutrition by Craig Ballantyne

Simple works. Most people want the advanced course, the secret tactics, but 9 times out of 10, doing the basics will get the job done. ‘Rule #2′ in Simple Nutrition is to eat less food. Simple and effective, yet often overlooked in the search for secrets.

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon

This is the book that changed the way I looked at eating FOREVER. It’s not so much about what to eat, but a simple way of not eating and reducing your calories over time. You can read about my experiences with ESE here and check out Lauren’s experiences here.

2 Meal Solution

This combined with ESE is the way I now live my life and have done since early February 2011. I’ve been able to stick with this for longer than anything else (ever) and hence have had the best results. The 2 Meal Solution also goes into what TO eat not just when NOT TO eat. Check out Kym’s experience here and grab a sneak peak of the book here.

Paleo Eating

If you know me, then you’ll know I HATE Paleo. Why? Because I think paleo isn’t even paleo these days and I know there are lots of other perfectly good diets for fat loss. That aside, a paleo diet ticks off enough protein, plenty of veggies and can be tailored to give you a calorie deficit. They’re all good things and you can get over 300 paleo recipes here.



Protein, veggies and coffee (goes without saying!)

Wow! That ended up being a little longer than I had first anticipated but if you’ve made it this far then you’ll know that as long as you can find a way to eat less calories than your body requires to maintain its weight (a caloric deficit), you eat enough protein and you eat your veggies and can do that for the long haul (a true lifestyle change) then you will have found the best diet for fat loss (for you!)

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