Best Fasting Method – Fasting For Weight Loss

by James Kerrison on June 9, 2011

You might have noticed that a lot of my tweets and posts lately have been about fasting for weight loss. Having tried a few different methods I have come across what I believe to be the best fasting method.

the world was flat once....


Actually, I know I have found the best way to fast, the best way for me that is.

One of the biggest, and often over looked, factors in trying to lose weight is stress. Any method you use to lose weight needs to reduce and not add stress to your life.

Remember the cup analogy I gave you? (it’s here….)

Well the same applies to anything in life. Take the cup as your stress indicator.

If it’s full (you’re life is full of stress) and you decide to try and lose weight. If what you then do is adding more stress, your cup will overflow and everything will come to a crashing halt.

So when I say I have found the best method, I know it’s the best for me, and I have tried a few different strategies for fasting. Given that I have stuck with my favorite strategy for the last 4 months and don’t want to change and that I’m in the best shape of my LIFE, then I’m tipping my hat in its favour.

I do however have clients that prefer the second strategy because for them it is easier to follow and (you guessed it) doesn’t add stress to their already hectic lives.

let the eating commence!


  • My preferred method is called the “Renegade Diet” which follows a two meal approach each day.
  • The second method is “Eat Stop Eat“. This is the first method I used and some of my days end up like this when I’m busy (or lazy!)

The best fasting method for you will be determined by a number of factors. Have a look and try of both and decide for yourself.

UPDATE: I just wrote an article about what I call ‘The Kings of Intermittent Fasting“. Check it out here.


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