Best of Facebook January Part Two

by James Kerrison on January 31, 2010

January has pretty much come and gone. Hopefully you are still on track with the goals (even resolutions) you made 30 or so days ago. These guys below know what they are talking about so I thought it’s only fair to share the wealth. Enjoy. (and be sure to add me as a friend on Facebook!)

Bob Garon Water gets past almost all headaches. Be sure to drink no less than half your bodyweight in ounces every day… above and beyond your workout hydration needs.


Alwyn Cosgrove New blog post up: 5% of the year is gone already! Are you on track with your 2010 goals?

Craig Ballantyne Take 5 minutes and plan out your weekend of activity and your meals. That way, things won’t start bad and go downhill from there. Then spend another 10 minutes planning out next week, identifying obstacles that might get in your way, and then write down 2 solutions for every obstacle. This will save you a lot of stress.

Donovan Owens I have a lady in one of my boot camps…she’s 76 years young…she’s had 2 total knee replacements…and she shows up 3 times a week. I’m sorry, what was your excuse again?


Bob Garon Calories are almost NEVER ur enemy… the enemy is ur added sugars, salts, processed grains, and pasteurized dairy. You rid those 4 Little White Devils out of ur life, replace them with many colors of a minimum of 4-6 fruits & 4-6 veggies every single day of ur life, and you’ll be uber healthy. True Story!

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