Body Fat For 6 Pack

by James Kerrison on June 21, 2011

One question people are always asking me is what body fat do I need to get to in order to see my 6 pack?

Which is then normally followed by what is the best method to measure body fat?

Well here is my indisputable answers….it depends!

There are lots of numbers thrown around and you might hear that you need to be in single digits body fat (less than 10%) for males and less than 15% for females.

These numbers are backed by plenty of broscience and will be repeated through gym circles until they become gospel. But the thing is that these numbers will be very individual.

If you hold body fat on your stomach then chances are that you will need to get your percentage down further than someone who holds most of their fat in their hips and thighs.

You’ve probably seen girls that have a flat stomach (maybe even a 6 pack) yet still are carrying a large amount of body fat on their lower body. This would mean that they might be able to have a six pack at a higher body fat percentage.

The same goes for guys with a large amount of muscle. The ratio of muscle to bodyweight might show that they have a low body fat percentage but might not be able to see their abs. But then again, if you carry a higher portion of fat in your upper torso and arms then you might be able to see those abs at the same weight and body fat percentage.

So what body fat for 6 pack do you need?

Who knows.

Who cares.

This is amplified by the testing methods used as well. Which is the best?

None of them really, that’s my honest answer. If you really want to use one, find the one that gives you the lowest reading and stick with that. It will keep you happy and you’ll be able to tell everyone what it is and how low it is!

The best way to judge your body fat (and progress forwards or backwards) is using the mirror, photos or videos.

You’ll be a to see if you have a 6 pack with these methods, and you’ll be able to gauge if your six pack is getting better or worse.

Here’s my mirror shot from last week but I also use videos.


body fat percentage? who really cares...


Now if you want to get your abs on show and you can’t see them right now, you will need to get your body fat down. You’ll have a great set of abs in there somewhere but they might just be hiding behind some excess belly fat.

The best way to go about getting your body fat down you have to get your eating in check. Personally I am a massive fan of intermittent fasting or as I’ve come to call it, “Condensed Eating” (always focus on the positives!)

You can train the house down, set PB’s every session, but if you go away and over eat, your body will store that excess as fat.

Plain and simple.

Here’s what you need to do.

Get a solid training plan to follow.

Get your eating in order.

TAKE ACTION!!!!!! (and reveal those abs)

Now get to it…..

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