Body Of FIRE Shake Diet – Our Experience (Day Two)

by James Kerrison on November 3, 2010

Body Of FIRE Shake Diet – Our Experience (Day Two)

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Day Two

Morning Shake @ 8am

James -The breakfast shake is very easy and fits in nicely to my schedule. I normally try to start the day with my Super Ultimate Blender Bomb. It’s very similar to the morning shake in the Body Of FIRE program but with a bit more. So getting the day started with a few green teas and a shake is nothing new for me. By the way, I jumped on the scales and was 1.5 kilos (about 3lbs) down on the previous morning. I can definitely see how a week of this will get the weight off you.

Racheal – Well didn’t need my alarm this morning after a wake up call early. Anyway, woke up with a positive outlook on the days eating and was mentally prepared for a great day of shakes. I chose to break it down to a shake with the dry ingredients and then eat the food portions seperately. I just felt I needed to eat something, like chew something a bit more substantial than a thick shake. This seemed a much nicer way to get through the shake and I enjoyed each item on their own, even though together it was still very nice. I did a quick weigh in this morning also and was down 1.1 kilos, very impressed by that as I got through the day yesterday without feeling hungry and with no lack of energy.

Lunch Shake @ 12:30pm

James – I had clients to train between 11am and 1:30pm today so fitting in the lunch shake might seem like an issue at first. But I just put the dry ingredients in the shaker, took my extra piece of food and literally had a 2 minute lunch break between clients. The best thing with this shake (and the extra food you eat) is that it is smack full of fibre and nutrients that you don’t get hungry for a long time.

Racheal – Like yesterday it came time for my lunch shake and I just didn’t feel the need to have it. I delayed about half an hour but then thought I should follow the plan and have it, even though I wasn’t hungry. I think this shake is my favourite I have ever had and would be happy to have it maybe once a week, or even every other day as part of a regular eating plan. Plus I love the fact that it is so easy to prepare and consume, literally 5 minutes to make it, drink it and to feel very full.

Afternoon Shake @ 4:30pm

James – Because of the lunch shake I seriously had to make myself have the afternoon one. I decided to eat most of the ingredients because I felt as though I needed to ‘eat’ something rather than just having a shake. This works fine though, because half of the ingredients in the shake are foods you would normally just eat and not necessarily put in a shake. I didn’t have a coffee today though, just a mixture of green and peppermint teas.

Racheal – As with my breakfast shake I decided to just eat the solid ingredients, then mix the flaxseed and protein in a shake. Mentally I just couldn’t drink the thick shake again, but thoroughly enjoyed it all separately.  Also the weight loss benefit was at the back of my mind, keeping me honest.

Evening Shake – 8:30pm

James – After bootcamp and boxing it is good to come home and have a quick and easy meal. The evening shake makes this a whole lot easier. Instead of having to plan, shop and prepare I just made a quick shake, had a cup of tea and finished todays review.

Racheal – It was great to be able to grab something so quick and easy for dinner (so to speak), after getting home late and getting the girls to bed I usually have no energy to get anything for dinner so the shake was a nice easy option. I think also deep down I knew it could be the last shake I had for a little while. I know after doing it for two days, if I had a weight loss goal to achieve in a short period of time this is exactly what I would do.

Even though the initial plan was to go for seven days with this we are going to stop after two. Why, you ask?

To be brutally honest, I don’t need to lose any more weight and I can see how this shake diet will force your body to get rid of any excess weight in a hurry. My mindset isn’t currently geared up for rapid fat loss but if needed I am positive I could do this for the 7 days.


  • So easy to follow
  • Plenty of energy
  • Works well with a busy schedule
  • Feel full between meals
  • Rapid weight loss, you will see results in the first day


  • Restrictive with options.
  • The urge to eat something.
  • Rapid weight loss :)

Overall I think the Body Of FIRE Shake Diet is the real deal. If you need to lose 3-4 kilos (7lbs) in the next week then this may be exactly what you need. If you are focused and goal driven with that immediate deadline then you will be able to do this for that period of time, although I suspect that most people would lose the weight quicker than promised.

I know I will adapt the principles from the lunch and evening shake into my eating plan.

For the record after two days I was down 2kgs (4.5 lbs) and Racheal was down 1.6kgs (3 lbs).

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