Bodyweight Workouts For Men – Sample Body Weight Program

by James Kerrison on November 3, 2010

Body weight workouts for men are all the rage these days and with reason too. Bodyweight exercises can be done with little or no equipment which means they can be done almost anywhere and anytime. If you are busy then having the option of doing a bodyweight program works very well.

As with any workout, it is very important to warm up properly. I normally like to use kettle bells and club bells to get warmed up, but when there is no equipment available I like to skip or jump rope. It may sound backwards because you need equipment (a skipping rope!) but you can either have one at home or in your bag, or just jump without it. Some people skip much better without the rope anyway!

Follow this with some basic body weight exercises such as squats, pushups and lunges and you’ll be ready to go.

In the workout below you will see that the exercises have a number and a letter. All this means is that you do exercise 1A, 1B and 1C with no rest in between them and then resting for the alloted time before repeating 1A, 1B, 1C. Do this for as many rounds as listed then move on to 2A, 2B etc.

anywhere, anytime

Warm Up

Skipping, squat, pushup, lunge

1A) Bent Pushup – 15 (2-0-1)

1B) Chin Ups – Maximum repetitions (2-0-1)

1C) Alternate Lunge Jumps – 12 repetitions each side (1-0-1)

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for three rounds total.

2A) 1 Legged Squat – 8 repetitions each side (3-0-1)

2B) Underhand Inverted Row – maximum repetitions minus two (2-0-1)

2C) Feet Elevated Close Grip Pushup – maximum repetitions + Blast Set  (2-0-1)

–> Blast Set – After last set of the last round, rest 30 seconds and do a final set to complete failure.

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for three rounds total.

3A) High Step Up – 15 repetitions each side (2-0-1)

3B) Eccentric Pushup – 15 repetitions (4-0-1)

3C) Single Leg Leg Curl – 12 repetitions each side (2-0-1)

3D) Jackknife – 20 repetitions (2-0-1)

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for three rounds total.

A bodyweight workout for men like this should be done in 20 -30 minutes total. As you get better at it, you’ll find that it takes even less time. This is a good thing!

The exercises listed above can be quite challenging so if you need to use a similar movement but an easier variation. For instance, if doing the Single Leg Leg Curl is too difficult, do the same number of repetitions with both legs together. If the high step up (step above knee height) is too tough, use a lower step until you can do them at the more difficult height.

Have a go at the workout above as well as the other Bodyweight Workout I wrote here.

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