Bodyweight Workouts To Get Ripped

by James Kerrison on November 5, 2010

I have written a series of post covering the benefits of body weight workouts for men and a sample bodyweight workout for men.

Today lets have a look at what you need to do so that you can get ripped with bodyweight workouts.

Now first of all you have to be brutally honest with yourself. If you haven’t seen your abs for a while then there’s every chance that your diet could do with some improvements. The best way to kick start this is by finding the best diet for fat loss.

So if you have your eating in check, or have decided to make some changes then it’s time to have a look at some bodyweight workouts to get you ripped.

I like body weight workouts because they are joint friendly and work for all fitness and strength levels. This means that if you are a rank beginner or a seasoned exercise junkie then you will be getting a workout that gets the job done.

Before any workout you need to get warmed up properly. To keep things simple and in line with the body weight theme here, all you need to do is jump rope or skip for three to five minutes. If you don’t have a rope or don’t want to skip without one then a quick jog will get your heart rate up and body temperature up in a few minutes.

After this a few sets of squats, pushup and lunges (about 10 of each) will get your body primed for the workout.

Now this body weight workout is going to be as hard as you make it. The idea is that you get through the repetitions listed for each exercise with as little rest as possible but as much as you need. It is designed to be done three times but to start with two rounds might be plenty.

1A) Chin Up with knees held at hip height – 10 repetitions

1B) Pushups – 20 repetitions

1C) Power JumpsĀ  – 15 repetitions

1D) Squats – 30 repetitions

1E) Forward Lunges – 15 repetitions each side

1F) Inverted Rows – 15 repetitions

1G) Lying Hip Raise – 15 repetitions each side

1H) Mountain Climber – 20 repetitions each side

Set a stopwatch at the start of the workout and check your time at the end. Each time you do this workout you want to be decreasing the time it takes you to complete it. It doesn’t matter how much quicker you get it done, just make sure that your times are going done but not at the expense of technique.

Let me know how you go with this workout :)

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