Boxing Workouts For Fitness

by James Kerrison on June 24, 2010

This week I stood back and let Racheal take our group boxing session. Rach had hurt her knee and wasn’t going to be boxing anyway, and I had to do a conditioning session on Tuesday as part of my training.

Now let me tell you this. If boxing doesn’t get you fit, nothing will. Period!

Ready To Go!

The sessions we run involves working with a partner and doing pad work. So in essence you get a ‘rest’ ever other round. The thing with knowing that you have a rest approaching is that you work harder and harder on each work set! So when it comes to your turn to be on the pads it isn’t really that much of a rest!

Long story short, boxing will get you fit and lean in a very short time.

If you want to get fitter and lose some belly fat then you have to consider boxing. People spend too much time on traditional ‘cardio’ equipment thinking that it will get the results they want. In fact I would argue most of the exercise done with traditional cardio equipment is a waste of time.

Machines such as treadmills, elliptical trainer and exercise bikes are generally used with a very casual intensity and people will use them for months on end and not change their body one bit.

$2 Rope = WIN. $10k Elliptical = FAIL

Compare this to a typical boxing workout where the intervals are short, lets say up to three minutes each, and the intensity is a lot higher than other forms of exercise. When you combine this with the anaerobic nature of the movements involved you have a very potent formula that will get you fit and lean in a very short time.

Working at this high intensity for shorter rounds takes a lot more effort than the typical ‘walk in the park’ type cardio that you will often see but it also burns through a whole heap of calories as well. As an added bonus you will find that your body will be burning through the calories for long after the actual workout itself because you will have raised your metabolism to new levels.

You may be surprised how many muscles you actually use when you do a boxing session and you may find that the day after your first workout that you have woken up some previously dormant ones. After my workout on Tuesday I found that it was my abs and core muscles that were ‘alive’, not just my arms and shoulders which were pretty good.

So if you ask me, boxing has to be one of the best all around workouts that you can do.

  1. It’s Time Effective
  2. You’ll Get Fit Very Quickly
  3. You’ll Burn A Heap Of Fat
  4. Tone And Strengthen your Arms
  5. Tighten And Tone Your Abs

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