Boxing Workouts For Super Toned Arms

by James Kerrison on June 27, 2010

At times you can stumble upon ideas and information in an unusual manner.

We all know that boxing workouts are great for your fitness and great for burning fat because of the high intensity and full body nature of the workout. Basically anytime you do a full body, interval based workout, you are going to get fit and lean in a hurry!

Now as you might know, Racheal managed to injure her knee last week and has been unable to do much lower body exercise during that time. But Rach loves her boxing and she was keen to make a comeback even if it meant that she would only be able to really use her arms.

Now when I teach people how to box, I really do emphasize the importance of working from the ground up with each and every punch. You have to be strong from the floor and deliver all of the power from the legs, through the hips and core and then finally deliver the punch with your fist. If you don’t do this you will run into a number of problems.

First of all your arms have small muscles when you compare them to your core and leg muscles. If you let your arms do all of the work they are going to fatigue very quickly. This is a problem because once your arms are gone the whole intensity of your workout is going to suffer and you will struggle to get your heart rate up and then miss out on most of the benefits of boxing!

Secondly, if you aren’t using your legs and core to generate the power behind each punch you will severely limit your output from both your heart rate and therefore your ability to burn calories and boost your metabolism.

So Rach certainly found out the hard way on Thursday that if you don’t use your legs, your arms are going to cop it. But please don’t take this as me saying that if you want to tone your arms and get a great upper body workout to use your legs less. In fact the opposite is true.

By using your lower body more you will be able to go harder for longer and get a better full body workout. This doesn’t mean that your arms are working less it is just that you are working smarter and by the end of the session your whole body (including your arms) will be done!

Box this way and you will get all of the benefits that go with intense boxing workouts. Fitness, fat loss, tight stomach and toned arms.

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