Burpee Varitaions – Fun Fun Burpees

by James Kerrison on April 20, 2010

Burpee variations to keep you going all day long.

Yes you read it right!!

Burpees are fun!

If you don’t have that mindset then they are going to be HELL!!!

Seriously, more burpees?

But just like any other exercise, they can become old very quickly if you don’t change it up.

Here are six variations to the classic burpee that will not only give your body a new challenge, but keep your workouts fresh!

Long Jump Burpee

Instead of jumping up, you want to jump as long (forward) as you can. Do this for time, a set number of repetitions or for a set distance.

Tuck Jump Burpee

Instead of the stock standard vertical jump you will do a tuck jump. Put simply, a tuck jump is where you jump up as high as possible and try to bring your knees to your chest (or as high as possible). be careful with this one, tuck jumps are a tough exercise by themselves! Do this for time or a set number of repetitions.

Box or Bench Jump Burpee

Start infront of a box or bench that you can jump up onto. Make sure you have enough room to drop into the bottom position without hitting you head on the box or bench. I feel obliged to write these things just in case someone does hit their head and blames me! Common sense folks! Instead of jumping straight up, you will be jumping up onto the aforementioned bench or box and then back to the floor. Do this for time or a set number of repetitions.

Single Leg Burpee

Two options here, well for those with two legs there will be. Option one is single leg all the way. So instead of standing, jumping and the bottom position having two feet on the ground, you’ll only have one hoof down. Do all the reps for one leg, rest if required and then to balance things off, do the other leg. The second option is to alternate legs as you go. This means you will jump as high as possible off the left foot and landing on the right and vice versa. Do this for time or a set number of repetitions.

Single Arm Burpee

This one is tough. But let’s be honest, they all are! This version of the burpee places a lot more load through the upper body (duh!) but also the core. Keep your hips up here and don’t let them sag. The idea is to keep your hips level also. If you need to take your feet a bit wider than usual, that’s fine. Just as you did with the single leg burpees, you can do on arm all the way through or alternate arms as you go. Keep you arm locked out when it is on the ground (unless you are proficient at one arm pushups…), strong and straight through the hips. Do this for time or a set number of repetitions.

Chin Up Burpee

This variation is a great total body exercise as it has an extra upper body pulling movement added on. Start by standing under a chin up bar. When you jump, grab the bar and perform a chin up before dropping to the bottom position. You can use as much or as little jump/assistance on the chin up as you like. The less you jump the hard it will be on the arms, the more you jump the easier it will be (for the arms at least). Do this for time or a set number of repetitions.

Burpees are fun!

Flick, switch, mix and match. Either way change it up to keep your workouts from getting stale and boring with these burpee variations.

Also, if I’ve missed a variation that you do, leave a comment below!

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