Cheat Your Way Thin – Holiday Edition

by James Kerrison on November 9, 2010

Cheat Your Way Thin is the title of Joel Marion’s best selling weight loss program that literally transformed the way people think and eat for fat loss.

It is based around the principle of structured refeeds, over eating and disturbing certain hormone levels to trick your body into buring off more and more fat.

The big ‘buzz’ fat loss hormone that everyone is talking about is leptin and there sure is some controversy about the scientific studies that are coming forward. People have been interpreting them in different ways and also putting their own spin on things. I don’t have a problem with this because what works in the lab or in controlled circumstances rarely translates into everyday life. Sure one approach might deliver the best result in studies, but if you can’t stick to the plan in the real world then your real world results will be completely different. (Joel has been know to recommend some massive overeating on what we would normally refer to as junk food, and this has copped him some major flack from other fitness pros.)

To kick off the holiday season Joel has released two free e-books. The first is called ‘The Holiday Fat Loss Black Book’ and the second is ‘The Leptin Chronicles’. Both are great reads and you can get them here. <<–Click Here

Here are some of the strategies from the  Black Book, although I must stress that these are the ‘boring bits’ of the program. Most of it is centred on having a good time this holiday season!

  • Strategy #1:  Feast On Protein
  • Strategy #2:  Do NOT Drink Calories
  • Strategy #3: Know Your First Move
  • Strategy #4: Be Hospitable
  • Strategy #5: Arrive ‘Full’
  • Strategy #6: Be ‘Normal’
  • Strategy #7: Try An Effective Appetite Suppressant
  • Strategy #8: Deplete Before A ‘Big’ Day
  • Strategy #9: Go Non-Alcoholic
  • Strategy #10: Modify Your Plate
  • Strategy #11: If You Don’t Love It, Don’t Eat It
  • Strategy #12: One And Done
  • Strategy #13: Make The ‘Announcement’
  • Strategy #14: Chew, Chew, Chew
  • Strategy #15: Compensate
  • Strategy #16: Write It Down
  • Strategy #17: Serve Yourself ‘Half’ First

These 17 tips are for the minority, not the majority, of meals and parties that you will be sitting down to and attending this holiday season.

For the vast majority of the events you take part in this year, the instructions will be as follows:

–>> Go. Eat liberally.  Enjoy.  Go back for seconds.  Have dessert. <<–


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