DATA 11/11/2011- Squats, Press and Swings

by James Kerrison on November 11, 2011

Workout C – Squats, Overhead Press and Swings

I think I’m finally into the groove with my new workout schedule. Recovery was really good after Wednesdays session so I decided to add in some barbell overhead presses and take out the lunges. I figure that if I can keep progressing on squats then my legs will be fine. I don’t need or want crazy leg soreness, especially when I have basketball on Monday and plan on having a shoot around/scrimmage  tomorrow morning. I dropped barbell overhead presses for a while because they were giving my shoulder a heap of pain. Since doing chins, dips and rows on the rings, my shoulders have been 200% better.

Squat RPT

Warm up sets then
8 @ 120kg
10 @ 100kg
12 @ 85kg

Overhead Press RPT

8 @ 40kg
10 @ 35kg
12 @ 27.5kg

Kettlebell Swings

32kg x 101 consecutive reps.

Swings can have this effect!


  • Trained at 15hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine)
  • Squats felt a little harder than I would have liked! Got through them but not with a big bang. Need to have a good look at my technique and weak points before adding too much weight.
  • Overhead press, albeit only light, felt rock solid. Given that I could get pain with just the bar overhead, adding weight without pain is a good thing! Will see how it pull up tomorrow and got from there. UPDATE: All good on Saturday, no soreness at all :)
  • Swings were interesting. About 6 months ago I decided to try and get 100 swings with the 32. Not for any real reason, just figured I could do it. That time I got to 75. During the week, one of my female clients (Swinging Superstar Kym) did 70 swings with the 32, so I figured I’d try again at the 100, knowing that I had to get more than 70! I wanted to stop at about 30 but kept swinging, got to 40 and then 80 ok. 4 little sets of 5 in my head and it was 100, and then one extra for good measure! The last 10 or so I was down to gripping with three fingers each had, the old grip was a little tired by then, but I held on!
  • No post workout muesli today, but lets just say there was still plenty of carb mastery on display!

another PB

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