DATA 18/11/2011 – Squats and Presses Reverse Pyramid

by James Kerrison on November 18, 2011

Squats have been a long time love of mine. Probably because they have been a bit of a strength of mine, especially when compared to my upper body strength. I haven’t been ‘back’ squatting for a while after mixing it up with front squats, goblet squats and double kettlebell front squats. Squats are tough, but they are rewarding on a whole heap of levels. Check out this great squatting guide.

Back Squats RPT

125kg x 6
105kg x 8
87.5kg x 10

Barbell Overhead Press RPT

45kg x 8
37.5kg x 10
30kg x 12

Kettlebell Swings

36kg x 60


  • Trained at 15hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine).
  • Top set of squats felt tougher than they should. I don’t think I took the weight seriously enough and as a result it was in charge. Got my 6 reps and decided to leave them for another day.
  • 2nd set of squats wasn’t much better, but the last set felt pretty good. As long as there’s progress that’s the main thing.
  • Happy with the overhead presses. Pretty much I’m happy anytime I can press overhead, pain free. Progressed as planned too which is good.
  • Was running a little short of time and my head wasn’t completely into the swings so I stopped at 60. I reckon I would max out around the 75 mark. Will have a go at them next week.
This is what squatting 460kgs (1012lbs) looks like – did it easy!

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