DATA 21/11/2011 – Deadlifts, Chins, Swings, Reverse Pyramid

by James Kerrison on November 21, 2011

Friday wasn’t the best workout, and I think I might even be a little stressed which is very unusual for me. Having a 9pm game of basketball (when I’d normally be in bed!) and a very busy day Tuesday has me thinking too far ahead of time and not just focusing on today.

In lieu of me deadlifting, here's one of my clients Finley, pulling 100kgs (8 reps) @ 53kgs BW


Deadlift RPT

Warm up sets then

7 @ 180kg
9 @ 155kg
11 @ 125kg

Ring Chins RPT

7 @ BW (72kg) + 20kg
9 @ BW + 6kg
9 @ BW

Kettlebell Swings

32kg + yellow band x 30 reps

• Trained at 15.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine)
• Deadlifts felt better this week. They we’re definitely tough and I ha to work to get the 7 reps but that’s what makes them worth doing!
• Chin up progress has stalled a little, although I really did notice my lats working on the deads today. Just going to keep an eye on them for the time being. If my deads keep going up and these stay around the same then I thinks thats ok.
• Swings started easy but by the end my hammies and lower back were definitely working.
• Had the late game of basketball and a busy afternoon so I didn’t get enough food into me post workout. Basically I didn’t plan or prepare well enough. Easy enough to fix for next time though.

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