DATA 23/11/2011 – Dips, Chins, Pushups, Fun Times Complex!

by James Kerrison on November 23, 2011

Man, I’m still sore after Monday’s workout, followed by a late game of basketball, followed by not enough sleep and not enough food. Recovery between sessions is such a major element to your progress. Sleep and adequate nutrition covers most of it. For me nutrition on workout days means getting enough carbs, protein, calories and fish oil. Adding basketball into the mix has meant I need to tweak my numbers a little and I haven’t quite got this right yet. Not much I can do about the sleep, late game plus an early start doesn’t allow for much more. Normally I would try for a nanna nap during the day but I was booked through on Tuesday from 6am – 7:30pm, allowing for time to eat some lunch.

Maybe if I added the weight around my neck I'd get mega buff...?

Ring Dips RPT
8 @ BW + 40kg (112)

10 @ BW + 24kg (96)

12 @ BW + 10kg (82)

Ring Chins

14 @ BW

9 @ BW

8 @ BW

Push Ups Feet Elevated (18 inch box)

25 @ BW

20 @ BW

17 @ BW

Barbell Complex¬†–¬†Deadlift, Rows, Hang Cleans, Overhead Press

40kg, 3 rounds, 10 reps each exercise, 60 seconds rest.


  • Trained at 13.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine).
  • Dips were good again and I had to work very hard to get the extra rep. Got it though, onwards and upwards.
  • Changed pullups to chins, just to get a few extra reps, this worked, not sure what I’ll do with these, might keep them all as chins and try to keep the RPT reps Monday and max bodyweight reps on the Wednesday.
  • Got a few extra reps on the top set of pushups, and more reps total in the three sets, progress is progress, that’s all we want.
  • I dropped the squats from the complex because my knee has been a little inflamed after Monday. It was the same last week and I pushed through, but thought I would let it recover this week. Made things a little easier, but not a whole lot!
  • Postworkout eating was better, not finding that I have a huge appetite right after my workouts which is making it hard to devour loads of food!

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