DATA 25/11/2011 – Squats and Presses RPT

by James Kerrison on November 25, 2011

Feeling quite good today, sleep patterns have been all over the place, couldn’t get to sleep last night but when I did it was 100% dead sleep. Busy morning means that training come around pretty quickly which is cool. I am looking at getting some Olympic Lifting shoes to squat in (these are the best apparently) so I though I might try lifting in my Chuck Taylors, which are also recommended for squatting in. My knee is feeling pretty good with some extra rest, although my hips feel so so tight.  I have been working on improving my hip mobility and flexibility so it’s hard to tell if they are tighter or just sore from the extra work…

Back Squats RPT

125kg x 7
105kg x 9
87.5kg x 12

Barbell Overhead Press RPT

47.5kg x 6
40kg x 8
32.5kg x 10

Kettlebell Swings

36kg x 30


  • Trained at 15hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine).
  • Top set of squats were tough (as they should be) and my only focus was to get an extra rep from last week which I got.
  • I used the lifting belt for the top set because my back wasn’t feeling 100% during the warm up and I want to feel 200% confident when squatting, no second guessing yourself here.
  • Got an extra bonus rep on the last set too, which makes me happy! Hopefully this will make getting the extra rep on my top set next time just that little easier.
  • Also used the Chuck Taylors which did give some more stability compared to barefoot/vibrams. Better is better so I think I’ll look into some proper lifting shoes.
  • So happy with the over head presses. No shoulder pain at all, just a little in the wrist which I have had before from benching ‘heavier’ weights. I have wrist wraps that I’ve used in the past for presses, cleans and benching, so if it persists I’ll grab them.
  • Swings witnessed no mastery at all! Was shooting for 60+, hoping for 75, and pulled up on 30. My head and heart just wasn’t in it so I’ll leave them for another day.
  • Postworkout had a little cereal mastery, followed by about 400 grams of potatoes cooked up by Rach, awesome!

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