DATA 28/11/2011 – I Love Deadlifts

by James Kerrison on November 28, 2011

I love deadlifts. Who doesn’t really? And if you don’t love them then learn to love them!

Deads are a great exercise for just about everything except your chest. You can get super strong legs, core and upper back with this one exercise, and it’s easy to progress with an extra rep here and a little more weight there. Most people aren’t even close to their strength potential and this is one exercise that proves this. I have only switched back to straight bar deadlifts after using the trap bar for the last few years and I think they are both great variations. Which is better, long story short, I would say whichever suits you best and you can lift more with good technique and no pain.

setting up, getting focused

There is a great deadlifting tutorial here.

Deadlift RPT

Warm up sets then

8 @ 180kg
10 @ 155kg
12 @ 125kg

Ring Chins RPT

6 @ BW (72kg) + 20kg
10 @ BW + 6kg
10 @ BW

Kettlebell Swings

32kg + yellow band x 35 reps

• Trained at 15.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine)
• Deadlifts rocked today. I felt strong and compact. I also filmed them to have a look at my technique, which actually looked better than they felt. Very happy with these. They actually felt better than the 7 reps I did las week which makes me happy! 2nd and 3rd sets were just as good, finished with double overhand for 12 and my grip was solid.
• Chin ups through up another curveball today. Definitely getting my lats on the deadlifts, but thought I had enough rest between deads and chins. Then I pumped out a season low! Followed by more reps on the 2nd and 3rd sets. I’ll just keep an eye on these…..still….
• Swings started easy again and I was thinking I would hit more than the targeted 35. In the end I was working to get every single one! Perfect.
• Postworkout I went for some extra carbs and calories but this just caused me significant stomach pain for basketball. I’m thinking some more tweaks are necessary here to allow of the double header (workout and ball), still getting enough food but no discomfort…

Already looking forward to next week’s deadlifting session with Racheal Kerrison :)

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