DATA 30/11/2011 – Dips, Chins, Elevated Pushups, Power Complex

by James Kerrison on December 1, 2011

Man I’m still sore after Monday. A bit bruised and beaten after basketball on Monday, did a ocean recovery session which made me feel good for a few hours but last night my right knee blew up. Not happy! Once again I didn’t get my eating right on Monday, was feeling good until basketball and then as zoo as I started running my stomach got very bloated and sore, so I didn’t feel like eating after the game either. Work in progress….


Maybe if I wore a beanie I'd get mega buff?...


Ring Dips RPT
5 @ BW + 44kg (116)

7 @ BW + 26kg (96)

13 @ BW + 10kg (82)


Ring Chins

14 ? @ BW

10 @ BW

8 @ BW


Push Ups Feet Elevated (24 inch box)

25 @ BW

20 @ BW

18 @ BW


Barbell Complex¬†–¬†Deadlift, Rows, Hang Cleans, Overhead Press

50kg, 3 rounds, 6 reps each exercise, 90 seconds rest.



  • Trained at 14.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine).
  • I wasn’t sure how much to increase the dips by, the way I do it I could either increase 2kgs or 4kgs from last week. I decided that 4 was the way to go but it might have been a bit heavy. Having said that, I like to work in a 5-8 rep range and getting 5 is inside this, maybe I just think too much!
  • I have to question how many reps I got on the first set of chins, I’m pretty sure I got more because they were feeling good and when I realised I wasn’t counting properly I had 4 or 5 in my head, pretty sure I had done more at this stage! Either way I hit at least 14, followed by 10 which is more than last week.
  • Up to the big step on pushups, 2 feet high, and got more reps than last week, very happy with this, I am able to move on with these at very low volume, interesting…
  • Going to keep the squats out of the complex for now, knee isn’t close to 100% and it was feeling it on the overhead presses. Dropped the reps from 10 to six, because of the cleans and a desire to have better technique at a heavier weight and not wanting to do high reps with an olympic exercise.
  • Postworkout I got through a lot of food, plenty of carbs, adequate protein and low fat. I just need to find the right balance between quality and quantity now, whilst keeping an eye on recovery, my weight and my waist.

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