DATA 5/12/2011 – Deadliftville and the .23 effort

by James Kerrison on December 5, 2011

I tell my client all the time, “I Love Mondays!”

Maybe I’m just a little weird, I used to love Mondays, but now that I’m deadlifting on Monday’s I Loooooooove them!

Deadlift RPT

Warm up sets then

7 @ 185kg <– coulda, shoulda, woulda been 8
9  @ 160kg
12 @ 130kg

Ring Chins RPT

6 @ BW (72kg) + 20kg
9 @ BW + 6kg
9 @ BW

Kettlebell Swings

32kg + yellow band x 40 reps

• Trained at 15hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine)
• Deadlifts rocked/sucked today. I bumped the weight up 5 kgs from last week and was shooting for 6 reps. Got to 5 and new I was good for 7, did 7 and decided to try for 8 and then proceeded to give the eighth rep .23 seconds of an effort :(  It would have been tough, but I’m pretty sure I could have got it, btw I got the .23 effort from this great article from Mike Robertson
• Chin ups, still not sure with these, because now an old elbow injury is starting to show up again. Numbers weren’t great today, in fact they are going down (again). Same deal, as long as the deads are going up i’ll keep these in check…
• Swings were good again, just bumping these up 5 at a time, not too bad today, although for the most part I was using a 3 finger grip which made the gripping part hard by the end!
• Basketball was called off for tonight so I had my normal post workout carb fest, no dramas here.

“But what irritates me to no end is when someone hits the sticking point, holds the weight there for .23 seconds, and then drops the weight.


Look, if deadlifting heavy were easy, everyone would do it. Instead, you’ve got to learn how to grind.”

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