DATA 7/11/2011 – Deadlift and Chins Reverse Pyramid

by James Kerrison on November 7, 2011

Workout A – Deads and Chin Ups

With a little tweaking to the routine based on my schedule I’ve come up with doing deadlifts, chins and swings on Monday. This might change a little again because I now have basketball on a Monday night and I have no idea how I will go with these games. It’s been about 8 years since I hit the court! Legs felt 200% better (compared to Monday) after squatting on Friday so getting the extra session in has been good. This meant that I had a week off deads which is a good thing too, because I haven’t had more than 7 days off deadlifting for about 6 months.

Deadlift RPT

Warm up sets then
8 @ 175kg
10 @ 150kg
12 @ 122.5kg

Ring Chins RPT

7 @ BW (72kg) + 20kg
8 @ BW + 6kg
9 @ BW

Kettlebell Swings

40kg x 55 reps


  • Trained at 15.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine)
  • Deadlifts felt great. Top set felt strong and coming back down wasn’t too hard. I know i’ve got plenty more to give on these. Used a mixed grip on the first two sets and double overhand for the last. Want to get my grip stronger so I’ll do as much as I can with the double overhand grip.
  • Chins were tough today and I was down a rep from Fridays workout. I’ve put it down to exactly this, doing a tough session on Friday and not getting enough recovery between the two. Hopefully this is the case and i’ll gauge that next week when I chin again. I have been responding well to higher volume and frequency with chins, so i’ll see how this goes for a few weeks. If they drop off I’ll make changes.
  • Swinging is winning! I love swings and they felt good today. I hit 55 today but my grip was annoying me, starting to go at about 50 reps. I suppose this is a result of deadlifitng and then doing moderate rep swings. Still though, I don’t want my grip to be an issue so I’ll work on this with some dead hangs on the chin up bar.
  • Hit the 650 gram mark with my post workout muesli! Going to play a bit with my carb intake and leanness, weight and recovery now that I have added in basketball on the Monday night.

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