DATA 7/12/2011 – Dips RPT and Bench Presses (first time in a while!)

by James Kerrison on December 7, 2011

I don’t know what my favourite workout day is anymore, I just love them all! Getting better at dips has given me much love for Wednesdays workout even though there’s no lower body work (which is my normal favourite). I decided to add some bench pressing back into the mix because it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done them. Ever since I have been able to do dips without shoulder pain, they have been my #1 upper body pressing exercise.

If i was benching this much I'd have my shirt off too!


Ring Dips RPT
5 @ BW + 44kg (116)

9 @ BW + 26kg (96)

12 @ BW + 14kg (82)


Ring Chins @90

14  @ BW

11 @ BW

8 @ BW


Bench Press @90

8 @ 60

8 @ 60

8 @ 60


Barbell Complex¬†–¬†Deadlift, Rows, Hang Cleans, Overhead Press

55kg, 2 rounds, 6 reps each exercise, 90 seconds rest.



  • Trained at 14.5hrs Fasted (10g BCAA, 3g Beta Alanine, 5g creatine).
  • I decided to do something different on the dips today. Instead of having 20kgs in the weight vest and 24kgs on the belt, I went for 40kgs in vests and 4kgs on the belt. WOW! This, let me tell you, changes the balance of things a lot! Just a little top heavy! Balance was crap and even though I felt good for six I was too busy trying not to fall from the rings! Next week I might even try to get all the weight around the belt and see if that’s better than my original combination.
  • 2nd and 3rd sets of dips were great, really wanted to get the extra reps after the balance fail in the top set.
  • Chins were good, really wanted 15 on the first set, but my arms didn’t! I got more reps for the 3 total sets though.
  • Bench presses felt pretty good, just getting the groove back on these and then I’ll see how my shoulders and elbow pull up. UPDATE: Right elbow was fine, left shoulder wasn’t happy 18hrs post, 28hrs post everything seems fine.
  • Hurt my left wrist coming down from one of the presses in the 2nd round of the complex, so stopped things there.
  • Postworkout was good, plenty of food, no stomach issues. Working on my 2012 goals, this will mean even more post workout mastery!

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